Is now in preproduction, slated for a fall 2019 shoot.

A man comes to Oslo  because of  his daughter's mysterious death. A student nurse who died at the age of twenty.

His line of inquiry takes him to Oslo's seedy underbelly,

particulary the private gentlemens club: GIALLO.

A setting perfect for a tribute to the italian art of thrillers.

GIALLO A OSLO is not aiming to be a mer tribute (though the killer might wear  black gloves) but will be standing on it´s own legs. Possible to diggest even if you don´t have a single clue what giallo is or who Argento, Martino, Fulci, Lenzi, Tessari is.

It will be shot on film (not digital). In Super 16 with an anamorphic adapter (aspect 2,25:1) on  vintage filmstock. Some shots even in Super-duper-8mm (aka. Max 8) with the same adapter.

Giving it a nice, grainy darkness. And posted in 4K.

Distribution and sales will be DIRECT ONLY on physical media (DVD, Blus UHD/4Ks, Big Box VHS pan-scan) and selected screenings (sadly not a real print, only a DCP).

Budget is about $ 50.000.

With me personally logging in 7000 work hours (at least).

I´ve been a fan of the genre since the early 90´s when the good people of Redemption (UK) started selling giallos on VHS.

By the end of the 90´s I also had a huge collection of BIG BOX X-RENTAL TAPES. Lots of  CINEHOLLYWOOD, SVENSKA WALTHERS, HEMFILMS etc. Sadly most of the collection has been sold to finance my own cinematic adventures.

If you ever bought a rare ex-rental tape on Ebay from Norway

it almost certainly came from my collection (thanks, guys. Hope you gave them good homes!).

The film will NOT be in presales or any kind of crowfunding.

Cause this will burden my already enormous workload and additional costs.


- Johnny

Me, With 15 pounds of Bolex sticking out of my eye.

Filmstock in the deepfreeser EAGER to run.

Everybody need Redemption (tapes).